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--- Comment #177 from Karl Tomlinson (:karlt) <mozbugz at karlt.net>  2009-03-11 00:20:42 PDT ---
When I try
https://developer.mozilla.org/@api/deki/files/2935/=webfont-sample.html ,
nsFontFaceLoader::OnStreamComplete for
http://developer.mozilla.org/@api/deki/files/2934/=VeraSeBd.ttf gets called
with aStatus=0x805303f4 (a failure that I don't recognize).  mCanceled is 1 in

I wonder whether
url("https://developer.mozilla.org/@api/deki/files/2934/=VeraSeBd.ttf") or
url("/@api/deki/files/2934/=VeraSeBd.ttf") may work better, but I don't know.

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