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--- Comment #179 from Stellan Klebom <klebom at hotmail.com>  2009-03-11 13:05:48 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #176)
> According to the error console, there are errors occurring parsing your HTML,
> with invalid values specified for several things.  You may want to check that.

My test cases all validate for HTML 4.01 strict and CSS3.

The messages you are referring to are CSS warnings for
not for
that I asked you about.

In the "vera2" case Shiretoko only loads 6 out of 10 font files in windows

In the "vera" case Shiretoko is generating CSS-warnings for valid CSS3. That's
because full standard isn't implemented.

For example "font-weight: all" or "font-style: all" etc is unsupported by

Gecko also don't regonize a list of values per spec. e.i. "font-style: oblique,
italic" or "font-weight: 400, 500, 600".

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