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--- Comment #183 from Bill Gianopoulos <bill at wg9s.com>  2009-03-11 16:17:24 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #182)
> (In reply to comment #181)
> > WARNING: invalid font (bad checksum): file
> > /home/dbaron/builds/mozilla-central/mozilla/gfx/thebes/src/gfxFontUtils.cpp,
> > line 809
> Too bad!! I just did some research on the vera fonts. Bitstream donated them to
> open source through the gnome foundation. The four font files are broken from
> the source...
> That means there are no correct files to be found, and also that almost every
> linux installation have the faulty files, and of course this also means that
> Gecko needs to render fonts even with invalid checksum as in the vera font
> case, since these broken fonts render fine with Safari for windows for example.
> The files VeraBd.ttf, VeraIt.ttf, VeraSe.ttf, VeraSeBd.ttf all have checksum
> error
> in their "head" table.
Wern''t you asked in comment 180 to stop spamming this bug and to file a new
bug on this issue?

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