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--- Comment #1 from Kevin Kofler <kevin at tigcc.ticalc.org>  2009-03-12 01:28:14 EDT ---
We cannot enable these features in Fedora because they violate software

You can try the freetype-freeworld packages from RPM Fusion, but these packages
do not carry Ubuntu's antialiasing patches which are not upstream, they only
enable the bytecode interpreter and subpixel antialiasing from upstream
freetype (which cannot be done in Fedora due to software patents).

The only complaint which sounds valid is this one:
> In Firefox, fonts are too big proportionally no matter how font settings are
> changed in Edit|Preferences. They look about 1 size bigger or smaller than they
> should be.
I've also noticed GTK+ apps displaying larger fonts at the same point size and
dpi than Qt apps. 94 dpi in pango is about the same size as 96 dpi in Qt. But
this is a completely separate issue, it has nothing to do with the
patent-encumbered patches you're referencing.

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