[Bug 489833] Default Font Rendering is Poor

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--- Comment #3 from Kevin Kofler <kevin at tigcc.ticalc.org>  2009-03-12 11:06:41 EDT ---
ad 2. It's not that. My screen reports a resolution which is basically 96×96
dpi, and I even tried forcing both KDE and GNOME to exactly that, GTK+ apps
still display larger fonts at the same size. Only when setting GTK+/GNOME to 94
dpi did I get approximately the same size (but not quite as nice looking fonts
as with 96 dpi, though I got used to that).

What happens is that if I turn down the hinting (autohinter, mind you, I don't
have freetype-freeworld installed, I only maintain it ;-) ), the effect
disappears (but the fonts look bad), the stronger the (auto)hinting, the larger
GTK+'s fonts get and the smaller Qt's. Somehow they use different algorithms.

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