[Bug 489928] FreeType 2.3.8 is not binary compatible to version 2.3.7

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Fri Mar 13 22:31:55 UTC 2009

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--- Comment #6 from Kevin Kofler <kevin at tigcc.ticalc.org>  2009-03-13 18:31:55 EDT ---
> repoquery --whatrequires freetype

Uh, that's not a complete way to get all packages depending on freetype. You're
missing the --alldeps. Your list is just the list of packages with explicit
Requires: freetype.

When I run repoquery --repoid=rawhide --whatrequires --alldeps freetype | wc
-l, I get:
That means there are 1122 (!) packages which link against freetype.

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