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--- Comment #4 from Jud Craft <craftjml at gmail.com>  2009-03-21 20:31:23 EDT ---
Ditto on the addendum for #2:  GTK actually reads its DPI from Xrdb, like
everyone else.  It behaves remarkably well.

I believe it uses GConf as a way to store DPI changes on the fly.  At logon, it
loads the GConf value into Xrdb.  A useful way to store the user-preference
without being Xrdb dependent.

Also, Kevin.  I'm pretty sure they use the exact same algorithms -- my guess is
they have some DPI rounding problems.  Example, if you vary Deja Vu Sans, sizes
9 and 10, DPI 94, 96, 98, and hinting between slight and full, you'll notice
that Qt and GTK can render nearly identical glyphs -- but at different DPIs. 
(What's even weirder is that hint-slight on Qt/GTK will mismatch on entirely
different DPIs than hint-full.  Slight-9-96 will match, but Slight-9-98 won't. 
Full-10-100 and Full-10-94 will match, but Full-10-98 and Full-10-96 won't.)

I was hoping sometime I could build a little visual guide to the discrepancies
and post it to the Qt bug thing to see what they think.  I'm inclined to think
the problem is a rounding bug on their side; GTK allows decimal DPIs (whatever
that actually means) while Qt does not, so I'd suspect Qt first.

PS, I disagree partially with the "DE need to leave DPI to X".  I'm all for
consistency, but the X model has inherent flaws of its own -- DPI and
subpixel-format should be per-screen, not per-X-server, and X hasn't moved
toward that yet.  The individual DE's and toolkits would currently be in a
better position to use Xrandr and change their rendering based on per-screen
settings, than it would be for Xorg to redo their Server attribute paradigms,
which would break a whole lot of crap.

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