[Bug 20854] OTF is a font format

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--- Comment #5 from Brian Burger <blurdesign at gmail.com>  2009-05-01 03:22:15 PST ---
Copypasta from one of my comments on the Launchpad bug:

This is not a problem with the current Gnome Font Viewer, as is easily proven:
1. Find an OTF font file on your system.
2. If you just double-click on it, OpenOffice attempts to open it, and fails.
2. Right-click the OTF, go Open With -> Open With Other Application -> Font
3. Font Viewer opens and displays the OTF preview just as it should, exactly
like a TTF is shown.

So I'm not sure how this bug can be Invalid against all three of the targets
currently listed. It's should be valid against at least one, if not all.

(The above was all done on Ubuntu 9.04)

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