[Bug 490830] Nafees Web Naksha should drop Preferred Family name

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Fri May 1 17:14:01 UTC 2009

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--- Comment #9 from Ben Laenen <bl.bugs at gmail.com>  2009-05-01 13:14:00 EDT ---
I've written down what's going on with (preferred) (sub)families here:

Now, that's for Condensed faces in DejaVu (which are more or less supported by
the GTK font selector, but not in Qt). If you move to other kinds of styles
they're not supported in any of them (if you get a typeface with 64 styles, you
sometimes only see maybe a fourth of them).

Font selectors should behave like this:
* either read preferred family and preferred subfamily (and make sure your font
selector supports different styles besides bold and italic)
* or read the family and subfamily (if you don't fully support different

But fontconfig will only give the preferred names to the font selectors, and
that's why it's going wrong, if the font selector doesn't support it, it has no
way to stick with the family and subfamily of a font and discard the preferred

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