[Bug 490830] Nafees Web Naksha should drop Preferred Family name

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Fri May 1 18:46:11 UTC 2009

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--- Comment #11 from Ben Laenen <bl.bugs at gmail.com>  2009-05-01 14:46:10 EDT ---
OK, I didn't really investigate the Nafees Web Naskh font, but if the preferred
subfamily is just "Regular", then that's a mistake there. Obviously the
preferred subfamily should be different for all Nafees fonts with preferred
family "Nafees". So it looks like the names need to be fixed in the font anyway
(but the correct method is changing the preferred subfamily, not by completely
dropping the preferred names).

Although I can understand that the latter looks more correct since due to those
broken font selectors (or rather, broken synergy between fontconfig and font
selectors) you may not be able to select all styles if you rename preferred

My personal view (which we've normally upheld in DejaVu) is that we don't fix
things in the fonts which should be fixed elsewhere (it could open the door for
other problems later when things do get fixed).

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