[Bug 497984] [qt] [pa_IN] Lohit Punjabi font showing empty square boxes in kde whereas same font works fine in gnome

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Wed May 6 05:07:43 UTC 2009

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--- Comment #33 from Kevin Kofler <kevin at tigcc.ticalc.org>  2009-05-06 01:07:42 EDT ---
> So question remains now where the problem exists??

Please see comment #29: search for languageForWritingSystem in the linked file
(which is src/gui/text/qfontdatabase_x11.cpp from Qt 4.5.1, but that code has
been in Qt for ages) and I think you'll realize what's going on... At least I'm
fairly sure the problem is there (it looks for "pa", so if fontconfig only
knows "pa_IN", it won't find it and conclude the Gurmukhi script is not

The RPM Provides are irrelevant, it's what fontconfig finds on lookups which is
important. (And rebuilding the font package might actually change the

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