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--- Comment #54 from Qianqian Fang <fangqq at gmail.com>  2009-05-08 00:53:03 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #52)
> Again, it's a separate issue. please stop mixing up multiple bugs here. and I'm
> still waiting for your explanation what exactly you faced with my simpler
> fontconfig rule.  

ok, let me first reply your above question. 

Test environment: rawhide with today's update, installed Uming,
wqy-bitmap-fonts, and the Japanese fonts, and NOT installed wqy-zenhei-fonts (I
will discuss about this later). I used your proposed config file, referred to
"NEW" and the 61-wqy-bitmapfont.conf in the current wqy-bitmap-fonts package,
referred to "OLD".

* Test set 1, pango-view tests

I ran all 9 tests listed in Comment#52, for NEW, tests 1-2,4-6,8-9 got expected
results. test 3: the "sans 100" was rendered by outline font UMing; test 7, the
"sans 100" was rendered by bitmap song.

For OLD, same results for 1-2,4-6,8-9; both tests 3 and 7, it uses bitmap song
for Chinese rendering (notice these two tests are for zh and en locales, not
for ja).

Conclusion: the only difference between these two tests is test 3, which I can
not say which one is better. Clearly, no Japanese fonts were overwritten by the
current version of wqy-bitmap-fonts, under any test locales.

* Test set 2, browser/terminal and desktop font rendering

My standard test page is http://wenq.org/?WQYTest . I set one of the NEW and
OLD file as the active setting and made screen captures under ja/zh/en
desktops. The results were uploaded to this album:


you can click into each screenshot and click magnify.

Basic conclusions: 
1. the rendering for ja desktops are identical (ignore those simplified Chinese
characters that are not defined in JIS); all Han glyphs were rendered with the
preferred Japanese Gothic or Mincho fonts in both browser, desktop menu and

2. the rendering for en desktop are different. NEW config renderings is bad for
2.1 it uses a mixture of Mincho with bitmap song to render the H1/H2 titles, 
2.2 it renders Han glyphs in terminals with a mixture of UKai and Gothic,
2.3 and for Sans, Hanzi at all sizes were rendered by Japanese Gothic
2.4 for serif and mono, 13pt and 14 pt still uses bitmap to render

3. for zh desktop, the rendering are identical. However, both are different
from what was configured for F8~F10, which you can see in the last screenshot.
in the past, all bitmaps in the web/terminal are from wqy-bitmap-fonts, but
now, the web/terminal bitmaps are from Uming, which is inferior in quality.
However, this is a separate issue. Perhaps some config files of Uming changed
the priority.

To summarize: the two config files performs pretty much the same for zh and ja,
but the OLD config file more consistent selection of fonts for en (and all
non-CJK locales) desktops.

So, I don't see the benefit of switching to the new file.

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