[Bug 476459] wqy-zenhei-fonts overrides Japanese desktop (so can't be installed by default in @chinese-support group)

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Wed May 13 02:27:02 UTC 2009

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--- Comment #36 from Akira TAGOH <tagoh at redhat.com>  2009-05-12 22:27:01 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #35)
> But you do realize, in the end, there only exists one font order, no matter
> which way you set it. It is impossible for two fonts to be both preferred if
> they are both installed. If you want to control the orders by the presence of
> fonts, you can do exactly the same thing with a centralized conf file. The only
> difference is that a single config file gives you a master fallback list, and
> what you suggested determines this list ad-hoc, which is more difficult to
> predict and debug.

That's the policy to not mess up.

> IMHO, this is impossible. If you set <prefer> or use prepend/prepend_first, you
> ARE affecting other font packages. Indeed, that's how fontconfig works. Again,
> for a given system state, there is only one priority list for each language, no
> matter you set it from a single file, or by a bunch of font-specific files.

Right. I meant language, but not font packages. sorry.

> It's not dependency, it is fallback relationship. If you set priority as A>B>C
> and some of them do not present, fontconfig will pick up the next one with the
> highest priority. I think that's how fontconfig was designed.

At least you should do as long as you expect them to get it working. otherwise
you just leave it to outside your rule.
If you have a dependency in the package, the referred font package owner or
that package owner can realizes any attentions is needed when something is
changed. you can prevent the font naming issue you've faced in wqy-bitmap-fonts

> If you check my old posts, I used to be a supporter to font-specific config
> files, because I know the fonts I maintained are good, but other high priority
> fonts prevent the use of these good one but I have no control (for exp.
> 65-nonlatin). I endured a lot of troubles in order to set my own list. Now I am
> suggesting to get things right from the very beginning, and save time of the
> font maintainers. In you really want to insist, you can still do what you have
> been doing, but having a up-to-date default language-specific font list will
> greatly reduce the amount of work you need to do.

Yes, but what you are suggesting is actually the same thing what fontconfig
does because both are centralized management. why you feel it's comfortable is,
you're about to get an control of it. it's not necessarily a happy solution for

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