[Bug 501267] [Indic][GPOS]"U+0A33 U+0A70" need press backspace key three times to delete the whole char.

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Mon May 18 10:24:15 UTC 2009

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--- Comment #1 from XinSun <xinsun at redhat.com>  2009-05-18 06:24:14 EDT ---
[kn_IN][GPOS]: the follows have the same problem.
U+0C95 U+0CC7 ಕೇ
U+0C97 U+0CC7 ಗೇ
U+0C9C U+0CC7 ಜೇ
U+0C9F U+0CC7 ಟೇ
U+0CA4 U+0CC7 ತೇ
U+0C96 U+0CC7 ಖೇ
U+0C95 U+0CC8 ಕೈ
U+0C97 U+0CC8 ಗೈ
U+0C9C U+0CC8 ಜೈ
U+0C9F U+0CC8 ಟೈ
U+0CA4 U+0CC8 ತೈ
U+0C96 U+0CC8 ಖೈ
U+0C95 U+0CCA ಕೊ
U+0C97 U+0CCA ಗೊ
U+0C9C U+0CCA ಜೊ
U+0C9F U+0CCA ಟೊ
U+0CA4 U+0CCA ತೊ
U+0C96 U+0CCA ಖೊ

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