[Bug 501267] [Indic][GPOS]"U+0A33 U+0A70" need press backspace key three times to delete the whole char.

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Tue May 19 08:41:48 UTC 2009

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--- Comment #3 from XinSun <xinsun at redhat.com>  2009-05-19 04:41:47 EDT ---
Sorry , these are [hi_IN][GPOS]:
U+0929 U+0945 ऩॅ
U+0931 U+0945 ऱॅ
U+0934 U+0945 ऴॅ
U+0929 U+0946 ऩॆ 
U+0931 U+0946  ऱॆ 
U+0934 U+0946  ऴॆ
U+0929 U+0947  ऩे 
U+0931 U+0947  ऱे
U+0934 U+0947  ऴे
U+0929 U+0948  ऩै 
U+0931 U+0948  ऱै 
U+0934 U+0948  ऴै
U+0929 U+0901  ऩँ 
U+0931 U+0901  ऱँ 
U+0934 U+0901  ऴँ
U+0929 U+0941  ऩु
U+0931 U+0941  ऱु  
U+0934 U+0941  ऴु 
U+0929 U+0942  ऩू
U+0931 U+0942  ऱू
U+0934 U+0942  ऴू 
U+0929 U+0943  ऩृ 
U+0931 U+0943 ऱृ
U+0934 U+0943 ऴृ 
U+0929 U+0944  ऩॄ 
U+0931 U+0944 ऱॄ
U+0934 U+0944 ऴॄ 
U+0929 U+094D ऩ्
U+0931 U+094D ऱ् 
U+0934 U+094D  ऴ्
have the same problem.

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