[RFA] Your cf-bonveno-fonts package did not pass QA

repo-font-audit nim at fedoraproject.org
Mon Nov 23 06:17:24 UTC 2009

Dear packager,

At 20091122T202901Z, your “cf-bonveno-fonts” package failed one or more of the tests
I was performing on the “fedora-devel” repository located at:

There are three different reasons that may cause this message:
1. your package is including one or more font files, but not packaging
   them properly;
2. your package is including one or more font files, and I've found
   issues in some of them;
3. your package is not shipping any font file, but the way it accesses
   fonts in other packages is not satisfying.

To stop receiving this message, you need to:
1. drop the font files or fix their packaging;
2. relay the fonts issues to the fonts upstream to get them revised;
3. work with the code upstream to improve the way it accesses font
   files (usually by making it use fontconfig through a higher-level
   text library such as pango, pango-cairo, harfbuzz, or QT)

You can self-check your packages at any time by:
1. installing createrepo and fontpackages-tools:
# yum install createrepo fontpackages-tools
2. putting your packages and any font package they depends on in a
   test directory
3. indexing this directory with createrepo:
$ createrepo path-to-test-directory
4. running repo-font-audit:
$ repo-font-audit test file://absolute-path-to-test-directory

A summary of the issues I detected is appended here. For your
convenience a more comprehensive analysis is also attached to this

Errors, warnings and suggestions:

P#     t19
1      1
Total  1

P#  Maintainer  SRPM              RPM               EVR           Arch
1   ankursinha  cf-bonveno-fonts  cf-bonveno-fonts  0:1.1-9.fc12  noarch

Test explanation:

t19. Suggestion: fonts with partial script coverage

  ☛ Font upstream task
  Some font files included in the package are missing a few glyphs to be
  accepted by fontconfig as covering one or several scripts. Therefore they
  could be made useful to more people with only a little effort.
  Many scripts differ by only a few glyphs and it is unfortunately common
  for font authors not to notice they stopped just short of full support for
  some of them.
  To check a font file script coverage, run:
  $ FC_DEBUG=256 fc-query font-file
  and look for lines like:
  script-id¹(number) { list-of-unicode-codepoints }
  For example
  “mi(2) { 1e34 1e35 }”
  means fontconfig will accept the tested file for Maori if codepoints 1e34
  and 1e35 are added.
  fontconfig is used by a lot of applications on many systems so ignoring
  its opinion on a font is a mistake.
  Please relay the incomplete coverage report to the font upstream.
  Of course fontconfig is not perfect either so it may require a glyph for a
  script when it should not. In that case, please report the problem to
  fontconfig upstream:
  against the “orth” component.
  ¹ http://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/php/code_list.php
  ² https://bugs.freedesktop.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=fontconfig

Please take the appropriate measures to fix the “cf-bonveno-fonts” package.
I will warn you again if it is still necessary next time I am ran.

This report was generated by the repo-font-audit command from:

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Your friendly QA robot,

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