[Bug 487913] Review Request: culmus-fancy-fonts - Fancy fonts for Hebrew

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Sat Nov 28 16:36:07 UTC 2009

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Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net> changed:

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--- Comment #10 from Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net>  2009-11-28 11:36:05 EDT ---
Anyway, review check:

1. (informative) I'm afraid you're going to receive "bad font naming" warnings
for Comix regularly. The current font naming is acceptable, however some of the
very aggressive font name munging we have to perform because of the brokeness
in other Fedora fonts seems to result in a spurious warning in your case (and I
don't see how to avoid this without renouncing to detect the other broken

2. (not blocking) fontlint does not like anka, please relay upstream

3. (not blocking) you do not need to repeat "Group:          User Interface/X"
in Fedora releases that use a recent rpm

4. (not blocking) you do not need to require the common subpackage in your
compat subpackage

5. (blocking) you don't want to obsolete fonts-hebrew-fancy < 0.20051122-7, you
want to obsolete fonts-hebrew-fancy < 0.20051122-9 (assuming you'll never build
anything newer as fonts-hebrew-fancy)

6. (not blocking) I'm sure users would appreciate descriptions that tell them
the difference between each of those subpackages

7. (not blocking) you don't need the "%dir %{_fontdir}" in common, it will be
auto-added to every font subpackage

8. (not blocking) your fontconfig rules are incomplete, you need to use the
complete substitution pattern documented in

9. (not blocking) the way you package the licensing file is dangerous, if
upstream ever changes the licensing file in one package but not the others
you'll end up shipping the wrong legal info

10. (not blocking) some of the fonts have broken encoding in their copyright
info when opened by gnome-font-viewer (no idea which one of gnome-font-viewer
or the fonts is broken)

11. (not blocking) it would be nice if upstream's license included the FSF font
exception that make a GPL font safe to use in a PDF

(Looking at all those clm fonts I realise we should have used clm and not
culmus as foundry prefix in the naming of culmus font rpms. Bah, not worth
fixing it now)

Anyway, apart from the broken obsolete, everything else can be fixed over time
after Fedora import. Please fix the obsolete so I can approve this package

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