[Issue 64671] Verdana font messes up letter spacing in Impress

aw at openoffice.org aw at openoffice.org
Tue Sep 15 09:45:03 UTC 2009

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------- Additional comments from aw at openoffice.org Tue Sep 15 09:45:02 +0000 2009 -------
AW: Took a look at the patch. Is okay from my POV. Maybe an enum as member would
be more future safe (are there only two modes?), but when a bool will do
I want to mention that the step of transporting this info over the MetaFile
would be obsolete when Slideshow would change to get it's data from primitives
directly, though. Just a remider to change slideshow to primitive usage (please)
which would enable removal of MANY hacks.
OTOH it shows that is was good not to define an UNO API for the LowLevel
primitives from the beginning; there are still new members coming down the drain.
Just my 2c...

+1 from me

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