[Bug 525618] New: [hi_IN][GSUB]"U+0915 U+094D U+0934" need press backspace key four times to delete the whole char.

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Fri Sep 25 05:54:47 UTC 2009

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Summary: [hi_IN][GSUB]"U+0915 U+094D U+0934" need press backspace key four times to delete the whole char.


           Summary: [hi_IN][GSUB]"U+0915 U+094D U+0934" need press
                    backspace key four times to delete the whole char.
           Product: Fedora
           Version: rawhide
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Keywords: i18n
          Severity: medium
          Priority: low
         Component: pango
        AssignedTo: besfahbo at redhat.com
        ReportedBy: aalam at redhat.com
         QAContact: extras-qa at fedoraproject.org
                CC: besfahbo at redhat.com,
                    fedora-fonts-bugs-list at redhat.com, xinsun at redhat.com
        Depends on: 501905
    Classification: Fedora
    Target Release: ---
          Clone Of: 501905

Clone for Rawhide (fedora 12)
Exist in follogig version

+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #501905 +++

Description of problem:
When input the below shown unicode in gedit, we need to press Backspace key
four times to delete the whole char.

U+0915 U+094D U+0934  क्ऴ
U+0916 U+094D U+0934  ख्ऴ
U+0917 U+094D U+0934  ग्ऴ
U+0918 U+094D U+0934  घ्ऴ 
U+0919 U+094D U+0934  ङ्ऴ 
U+091A U+094D U+0934  च्ऴ
U+091B U+094D U+0934  छ्ऴ 
U+091C U+094D U+0934  ज्ऴ
U+091D U+094D U+0934  झ्ऴ
U+091E U+094D U+0934  ञ्ऴ 
U+091F U+094D U+0934  ट्ऴ
U+0920 U+094D U+0934  ठ्ऴ 
U+0921 U+094D U+0934  ड्ऴ
U+0922 U+094D U+0934  ढ्ऴ 
U+0923 U+094D U+0934  ण्ऴ 
U+0924 U+094D U+0934  त्ऴ 
U+0925 U+094D U+0934  थ्ऴ 
U+0926 U+094D U+0934  द्ऴ 
U+0927 U+094D U+0934  ध्ऴ 
U+0928 U+094D U+0934  न्ऴ 
U+092A U+094D U+0934  प्ऴ 
U+092B U+094D U+0934  फ्ऴ 
U+092C U+094D U+0934  ब्ऴ
U+092D U+094D U+0934  भ्ऴ
U+092E U+094D U+0934  म्ऴ
U+092F U+094D U+0934  य्ऴ
U+0930 U+094D U+0934  र्ऴ 
U+0932 U+094D U+0934  ल्ऴ
U+0933 U+094D U+0934  ळ्ऴ 
U+0935 U+094D U+0934  व्ऴ 
U+0936 U+094D U+0934  श्ऴ 
U+0937 U+094D U+0934  ष्ऴ 
U+0939 U+094D U+0934  ह्ऴ

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):

How reproducible:

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Select "RAW CODE" in scim-bridge
2.Input the above shown unicode in gedit.
3.Press Backspace key to delete the whole char.

Actual results:
We need press backspce key four times to delete the whole char.

Expected results:
We should press backspace key three times to delete the whole char.

--- Additional comment from xinsun at redhat.com on 2009-05-21 05:48:46 EDT ---

U+0934 U+094D U+0915  ऴ्क 
U+0934 U+094D U+0916  ऴ्ख
U+0934 U+094D U+0917  ऴ्ग 
U+0934 U+094D U+0918  ऴ्घ
U+0934 U+094D U+0919  ऴ्ङ 
U+0934 U+094D U+091A  ऴ्च 
U+0934 U+094D U+091B  ऴ्छ
U+0934 U+094D U+091C  ऴ्ज 
U+0934 U+094D U+091D  ऴ्झ
U+0934 U+094D U+091E  ऴ्ञ
U+0934 U+094D U+091F  ऴ्ट 
U+0934 U+094D U+0920  ऴ्ठ 
U+0934 U+094D U+0921  ऴ्ड 
U+0934 U+094D U+0922  ऴ्ढ 
U+0934 U+094D U+0923  ऴ्ण 
U+0934 U+094D U+0924  ऴ्त 
U+0934 U+094D U+0925  ऴ्थ 
U+0934 U+094D U+0926  ऴ्द 
U+0934 U+094D U+0927  ऴ्ध 
U+0934 U+094D U+0928  ऴ्न
U+0934 U+094D U+092A  ऴ्प 
U+0934 U+094D U+092B  ऴ्फ
U+0934 U+094D U+092C  ऴ्ब
U+0934 U+094D U+092D  ऴ्भ 
U+0934 U+094D U+092E  ऴ्म 
U+0934 U+094D U+092F  ऴ्य
U+0934 U+094D U+0930  ऴ्र 
U+0934 U+094D U+0932  ऴ्ल
U+0934 U+094D U+0933  ऴ्ळ 
U+0934 U+094D U+0935  ऴ्व 
U+0934 U+094D U+0936  ऴ्श
U+0934 U+094D U+0937  ऴ्ष
U+0934 U+094D U+0938  ऴ्स
U+0934 U+094D U+0939  ऴ्ह 
also have this problem.

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