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--- Comment #12 from Pravin Satpute <psatpute at redhat.com>  2009-09-30 04:58:59 EDT ---
pasting review comment from bug 481068, pasting only important one

Comment #8 From  Nicolas Mailhot (nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net)  2009-09-21
17:42:02 EDT   (-) [reply] -------      Private

Well fc-scan shows that most of the bdf files declare themselves as "Fixed",
two of them think they are "Fangsong ti" and the others are not parsable by

So you need at minimum a

1. a foo-fixed-fonts subpackage, 
2. a foo-fangsong-ti-fonts subpackage, 
3. and get Behdad to look at the other files and tell you if it's a bug his
side or if the files need some form of fixing. Fontconfig won't be able to use
them if it can't read the font name inside. The readme says they are Lucida but
fontconfig does not read readmes. 

- it would be probably cleaner to package the ucs fonts in a ucs-fixed-fonts
package instead of hiding their origin in a collection package
- the licensing of Fangsong ti needs to be extracted from the fonts in a .txt
people can actually read.  

Comment #13 From  Pravin Satpute (psatpute at redhat.com)  2009-09-29 05:29:03 EDT
  (-) [reply] -------      Private

sorry for bit late update 

fc-scan works fine on all *.pcf files

i have done suggested changes updated spec and srpm are as follows


also created a new package request for ucs-fixed-fonts

bug 526204

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