[Issue 113586] Unable to get correct version of OpenSymbol

tl at openoffice.org tl at openoffice.org
Mon Aug 2 20:10:13 UTC 2010

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------- Additional comments from tl at openoffice.org Mon Aug  2 20:10:12 +0000 2010 -------
To avoid misunderstandings: The font itself is compatible! Meaning that all
characters in the old font are still present in the new font. Thus an old office
with Math using the old private use area code points will still work.

But a OOo 3.3 Math with new and correct code points in use (internally and for
import/export) can not properly work with the old font where usually no symbol
was present at the correct code points.

Just to list here as well what we previously considered as possible solutions
without yet choosing one from:

1) Have new name for the new font. Easiest but maybe ugliest solution since we
just fixed problems with the font and it is still compatible with old versions
of the font.

2) The font found in the installation should *always* be used. This will also
solve the issue for sure, but the font may not have been installed system wide
and thus other applications may still use the old version. Whatever implications
that might have. It could also be considered to use this approach for the
OpenSymbol font only in order to not miss new versions of other fonts 
that come with the OOo installation.

3) when vcl is determining the path of the font to use it may also retrieve the 
version of that font. If the version within the OOo installation is newer that
one should be used. Since we are probably the only provider for updates of the 
OpenSymbol font I see no real advantage over using solution 2) here though if
only the OpenSymbol font is in question.

All in all my favorite solution would be 2) since 3) seems to be unnecessarily
complicated and 1) somewhat crude. But since I'm no expert on the matter and
neither do manage distributions probably someone else might be able to shed more
light on this.

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