[Bug 600108] fontforge crashes when building serafettin

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Mon Aug 2 20:55:23 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #10 from Paul Flo Williams <paul at frixxon.co.uk> 2010-08-02 16:55:22 EDT ---
I've had another good look at Serafettin and I can see why FontForge has such a
hard time with it. If we validate:

Validation SerafettinCartoon ...Failed
  Self Intersecting Glyph
  Wrong Direction
  Flipped Reference
  Missing Points at Extrema
  More references in a glyph than specified in 'maxp'
  References nested more deeply than specified in 'maxp'
  Non integral coordinates in a glyph
  Two glyphs have the same name.
  Two glyphs have the unicode.
  Overlapping hints in a glyph.

There are several interesting lines here, but the most important for this bug
appears to be "self intersecting glyph". If you go into FontForge and validate,
you'll find a lot of glyphs that don't appear to be self-intersecting, but if
you look at the SFD source, it will be clear that there are a lot of points on
top of one another. These don't have any effect on the drawn outline, but they
mess with FontForge's ability to determine the direction of each part of the
contour when stroking the lines in order to expand or contract them.

Long story short, run the base font through FontForge and clean up the glyphs.
For both serafettin-cartoon.sfd and serafettin-cartoon-italic.sfd:
1. Edit -> Select -> Select All
2. Element -> Simplify -> Cleanup Glyph
3. Go to glyph "cent" (the second one with this name, U+0BBF). Remove dots that
are disconnected from main glyph
4. Go to glyph uni0BC0. Do same as above (there are two of them here).

This should allow Serafettin to build. (Works for me with upstream CVS head,
haven't tried Rawhide).

There are several glyphs with the same name in this font as well, and a few
that are mapped to the same Unicode point. I don't understand how this came
about, but they will need correcting too.

Kevin: FontForge may be fragile when dealing with this font, but in fairness it
*did* produce a big bunch of relevant warnings! I will send the relevant line
of my patch upstream for the sake of robustness.

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