[Issue 113586] Unable to get correct version of OpenSymbol

nmailhot at openoffice.org nmailhot at openoffice.org
Wed Aug 4 08:08:10 UTC 2010

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------- Additional comments from nmailhot at openoffice.org Wed Aug  4 08:08:08 +0000 2010 -------

As I wrote before fontconfig will always serve apps the font files with the
highest version (as in, version field in truetype metadata). Thus, on a
fontconfig platform, the worst that can happen is someone installed a newer
opensymbol system-wide, and the tar install uses it instead of its local one.

Therefore, as long as OO.o selects fonts through fontconfig, keeps compat in
OpenSymbol, and increments the font version when it changes, there will be no
problems. (and if compat is not kept the font should be renamed)

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