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--- Comment #6 from K. Sethu <skhome at gmail.com> 2010-08-04 12:17:55 EDT ---
I tested in Fedora 13 for the impact of the following change in
66-lohit-tamil.conf introduced on April 19, 2010 by Pravin :

-  <edit name="family" mode="prepend_first" binding="same">
+  <edit name="family" mode="prepend">

(Patch ref: http://web.archiveorange.com/archive/v/yFlHamCSaVYjcOo7xFxD )

With mode="prepend" as it is in current versions, I find the following :

1) The current 66-lohit-tamil.conf does not supersede 65-nonlatin.conf for
"sans-serif".  65-nonlatin.conf has TSCu_Paranar font at priority above Lohit
Tamil;  and so if TSCu_Paranar Regular and / or TSCu_Paranar Bold are fonts are
installed then for sans-serif TSCu_Paranar regular is matched by fontconfig if
Regular only or both Regular and Bold are installed. If only Bold is installed
then it is matched to sans-serif.   Only if both regular and bold of
TSCu_Paranar are NOT installed then Lohit Tamil gets matched to sans-serif.

2) Similarly if gnu-free fonts are installed then due to
60-gnu-free-serif.conf, for serif, it is FreeSerif font that is matched by

Note: To check what fontconfig matches to the 3 genric fonts : mono, serif and
sans-serif as well as best font for any font being not categorised as one those
three, the 4 commands I use are as follows:

fc-match :lang=ta:family=mono
fc-match :lang=ta:family=serif
fc-match :lang=ta:family=sans
fc-match :lang=ta

For Tamil fonts the 3rd and 4th of the above would always yield identical

Next, if the 66-lohit-tamil.conf is with mode="prepend_first" binding="same"  
or mode="prepend_first" (without the binding="same"), then in each of these
cases I find for all the 4 above commands, "Lohit Tamil" is the result even if
TSCu_Paranar and FreeSerif fonts are installed.

Now the issues I have:

What was the intended purpose of 66-lohit-tamil.conf ?

If it is meant to supersede all configs above in the file links (in the
/etc/fonts/conf.d  directory) with names starting with number 65 or less to
match all 3 generic fonts with Lohit Tamil, then mode="prepend" fails but
mode="prepend_first" works right (even without binding="same").

If it is meant to supersede all configs above, only for the case of sans-serif
to match with with Lohit Tamil, then  "mode=prepend" fails and 
"mode=prepend_first" works right for sans-serif but it also does unintended
matches for mono and serif. 

As I understand now, the current 66-lohit-tamil.conf does not serve any
purpose. Seek your clarifications please.

K. Sethu

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