[Bug 621445] .conf should use 65-0 to override 65-non-latin TSCu_Paranar

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Thu Aug 5 07:38:04 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #4 from Akira TAGOH <tagoh at redhat.com> 2010-08-05 03:38:03 EDT ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> 1) The current 66-lohit-tamil.conf does not supersede 65-nonlatin.conf for
> "sans-serif".  65-nonlatin.conf has TSCu_Paranar font at priority above Lohit
> Tamil;  and so if TSCu_Paranar Regular and / or TSCu_Paranar Bold are fonts are
> installed then for sans-serif TSCu_Paranar regular is matched by fontconfig if
> Regular only or both Regular and Bold are installed. If only Bold is installed
> then it is matched to sans-serif.   Only if both regular and bold of
> TSCu_Paranar are NOT installed then Lohit Tamil gets matched to sans-serif.

That's because there were no Tamil fonts packages competed in Fedora. since
65-nonlatin.conf is provided as is from upstream, they just thinks TSCu_Paranar
may be better than Lohit. you can file a bug to upstream if in doubt. but it's
not our bug since the fonts packages has own rule to set up. when TSCu_paranar
is available in Fedora, we can revisit this issue later. otherwise I don't see
any urgent to fix that because we could assume that users may wants to use it
by default since they installed that by themselves.

> 2) Similarly if gnu-free fonts are installed then due to
> 60-gnu-free-serif.conf, for serif, it is FreeSerif font that is matched by
> fontconfig.

That's a bit rare case and current policy doesn't deal with it properly. that
should be discussed in the list but not here. and it's also not something can
be fixed in this package only.

> Next, if the 66-lohit-tamil.conf is with mode="prepend_first" binding="same"  
> or mode="prepend_first" (without the binding="same"), then in each of these
> cases I find for all the 4 above commands, "Lohit Tamil" is the result even if
> TSCu_Paranar and FreeSerif fonts are installed.

Using prepend_first isn't recommended in even upstream. good to think of what
if all of fonts packages uses it.

> Now the issues I have:
> What was the intended purpose of 66-lohit-tamil.conf ?

See comment#0 and the link there in Bug#578039

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