[Issue 79878] OO.o can not select modern font faces conveniently

nathank at openoffice.org nathank at openoffice.org
Tue Aug 17 00:51:59 UTC 2010

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------- Additional comments from nathank at openoffice.org Tue Aug 17 00:51:57 +0000 2010 -------
Besides DejaVu's Condensed variants and ralphie's Adobe Garamond expert sets, 
perhaps another set of fonts useful for testing are the Latin Modern fonts.  (See 
http://www.gust.org.pl/projects/e-foundry/latin-modern/ ; package lmodern on my 
Debian system.)  For instance, here are the variants of the Latin Modern font 
"LMRoman10" and whether they are listed in the "Typeface" list in the Character 
dialog box in my OO 2.4 system:

            LMRoman10          listed in      correctly
font file   variant          OO font list?    displayed?
lmr10       (roman)                N             -
lmri10      italic                 Y             Y
lmro10      oblique                N             -
lmu10       unslanted              N             -
lmcsc10     smallcaps              Y             Y
lmcsco10    smallcaps oblique      Y             Y
lmdunh10    dunhill                N             -
lmduno10    dunhill oblique        N             -
lmb10       demi                   Y             Y
lmbo10      demi oblique           Y             Y
lmbx10      bold                   Y             Y
lmbxi10     bold italic            Y             Y
lmbxo10     bold oblique           Y             Y

Interestingly, all the variants which OO lists are handled correctly, whereas the 
DejaVu Condensed variants are listed but not handled correctly (the non-condensed 
versions are used, as nomnex notes).

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