[vlgothic-fonts/f13/master] (8 commits) ...Merge remote branch 'origin/f14/master' into f13/master

Akira TAGOH tagoh at fedoraproject.org
Thu Aug 19 05:12:34 UTC 2010

Summary of changes:

  27f7702... *** empty log message *** (*)
  9f2c5ac... - Fix the locale-specific overrides rule to match with "ja" (*)
  dc0b02d... - New upstream release. - Get rid of binding="same" from th (*)
  ea98002... - Improve the fontconfig config file to match ja as well. (*)
  75effec... dist-git conversion (*)
  d50d328... - New upstream release. (*)
  7b8fb6d... correct a release... (*)
  566a314... Merge remote branch 'origin/f14/master' into f13/master

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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