[Bug 499902] [CJK] 65-nonlatin.conf needs updating and lang tags for CJK etc

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(In reply to comment #6)
> That's the "ll v.s. ll-cc" issue. I've tried to run firefox with FC_DEBUG=4 and
> have a look at the logs. I see they requested both of lang="ja-jp" and
> lang="ja" in the queries of the font. ideally it would be nice to fix this
> issue in fontconfig though, we may want to think about a workaround in firefox
> for that?
> Or add a rule for "ll" in every fonts... dunno.    

If I were you, I would use the following construct
   <test name="lang" compare="contains"><string>ja</string></test>
to get around this. It is not as dangerous as some of you might think, the
language tags are rather stable in Linux.

Of course, the ideal solution would be to ask fontconfig to support
regular-expression in compare, something like
   <test name="lang" compare="regex"><string>^ja(-\w+)*</string></test>

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