[Bug 578015] l10n-font-template.conf doesn't work as expected

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Wed Mar 31 00:44:38 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #3 from Akira TAGOH <tagoh at redhat.com> 2010-03-30 20:44:36 EDT ---
This is the logs what I get from behdad so far:
<##fonts:tagoh> behdad: not sure why we use binding="same" in the patte
rn editing for lang specific thing
<##fonts:behdad> tagoh: if the goal is to alias differing names of equi
valent fonts, we want same binding
<##fonts:behdad> otherwise it doesn't really work

The main purpose of this rule isn't to get the exact alias right, because there
are no fonts has certain glyph coverages for everything. and what we are
expecting here would be to apply the certain fonts partially for the languages.
I see same binding is still useful if one wants to replace AAA font to BBB font

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