[Bug 634039] encodings in /usr/share/X11/fonts/encodings/large are not read by X server

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Fri Nov 19 05:58:24 UTC 2010

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--- Comment #7 from Daiki Ueno <dueno at redhat.com> 2010-11-19 00:58:23 EST ---
Thank you, it now seems to work, except for trifling error messages when
installing xorg-x11-fonts-misc:

sed: -e expression #1, char 0: no previous regular expression
sed: can't read large/encodings.dir: No such file or directory

Perhaps the following lines in xorg-x11-fonts-update-dirs:

    sed -i "s@$RPM_BUILD_ROOT@@" encodings.dir
    sed -i "s@$RPM_BUILD_ROOT@@" large/encodings.dir

should be:

    sed -i "s@\$RPM_BUILD_ROOT@@" encodings.dir


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