[Bug 525870] The Java plugin does not report available fonts accurately

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--- Comment #11 from Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net> 2010-11-19 13:53:58 EST ---
fc-list :family is a summary. To really see what's in a font file you need to
use fc-query

$ fc-query /usr/share/fonts/sazanami/gothic/sazanami-gothic.ttf
Pattern has 20 elts (size 32)
        family: "Sazanami Gothic"(s) "さざなみゴシック"(s)
        familylang: "ar"(s) "ja"(s)

So sazanami does not have an English name, it has an Arabic and Japanese name

$ fc-query /usr/share/fonts/gfs-theokritos/GFSTheokritos.otf
Pattern has 19 elts (size 32)
        family: "GFS Theokritos"(s)
        familylang: "el"(s)

And this one only declares a Greek name

It's pure luck than in both cases the non-English name was filled with an
English string, you can't rely on it for a general-purpose java engine

Also when you filter the names declared by fonts, that means all the CSS-y
dialects people use nowadays can fail (because they can reference one of the
names you've filtered out).

IIRC there have been efforts to expose the Postscript font name in fontconfig
recently in addition to the TrueType one, because some pdf generators are fond
of using this font name in their font references, so software that filters
those names out can not display the resulting files correctly.

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