[Bug 591556]=?UTF-8?Q?=20Blur=20on=20Russian=20=C2=AB=D0=B1=C2=BB=20and=20number=20?='8' has some wart on its face.

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Mon Dec 19 16:15:52 UTC 2011

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--- Comment #15 from Pravin Satpute <psatpute at redhat.com> 2011-12-19 11:15:49 EST ---
Hi Misha and Caius

  while digging on it, i found that when we enable auto-hinting at 8pt size
this problem is happening.

 $ftstring  -r 96 -m 6б8 ppem 200

 press up arrow and make point size 8pt, press f for autohint on-off, observ

 ftstring is part of freetype-demos package

  from Fedora 15 onwards we are using bytecode interpreter hinting, so i think
problem should not occur now.

  can you check this once?

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