[Bug 681808] Renders € sign as ¤ in http ://www.apple.com/ie/macbookpro/

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Mon Mar 21 09:14:59 UTC 2011

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--- Comment #14 from Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net> 2011-03-21 05:14:58 EDT ---
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> Strangely, when I *select* the ¤ sign in that tab and paste it here, it pastes
> as €. So could it just be a *font* problem?

It is very possible it is a font *and* software problem (just look at that font
in gucharmap to check if the glyph is there or not, right click on it to make
sure it comes from the font you expect)

In the early days of €:

1. a lot of fonts didn't include this sign, so some apps may have coded private
fallbacks to other symbols (instead of relying on fontconfig because "it's not
available in windows", sigh)

2. people expected € to replace ¤, because ¤ was already printed on western
keyboards, not hugely useful, and in an 8-bit encoding (non unicode) world
adding a new sign required dumping another. That's what happened in
iso-8851-15, but because US people refused to make iso-8851-15 their encoding
default instead of iso-8851-1 (as was expected by Europeans), iso-8851-15 is
largely stillborn and less supported than UTF-8. And saner people put € on
altgr+E instead of the badly placed key ¤ was relagated at (we may still have a
few legacy xkeyboard-config layouts that put € at ¤). 

1. if the font is missing €, its author should add it (but no chance in hell
for that to happen in a freely distributable closed font)
2. if fontconfig or firefox still contains code to substitute ¤ to € it should
be removed. With so many fonts including € this code is way past its due date

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