[Bug 457709] Review Request: hiran-perizia-sfd-fonts - English asymmetric font

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Sat May 7 10:29:16 UTC 2011

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--- Comment #21 from Paul Flo Williams <paul at frixxon.co.uk> 2011-05-07 06:29:10 EDT ---
Right, let's see if we can get this done before this review's third birthday!

1. Package name should be hiran-perizia-fonts, not hiran-perizia-sfd-fonts

2. Version number of the font (from font metadata) is 0.1.0, so that should be
the version number of the package, rather than the date of the SFD file.
(rpmlint will warn about incoherent numbers in the changelog, but ignore that)

3. The %define lines at the top of the spec should now be %global (take a look
at current font spec template)

4. The license should be "GPLv3+ with exceptions" (again, from font metadata)

5. %prep section pollutes top level BUILD directory, so you need to create a
directory with the line %setup -c -T directly after %prep

6. Correcting %prep will allow you to remove the directory ownership line: %dir

7. fontconfig file needs correcting and simplifying. I would suggest starting
from the simple template again. The font family should probably be sans-serif
instead of serif, although, given its quirky shapes and Hiran's suggestion that
it's a title font, you might want to follow Nicolas's suggestion and go for

8. (non-blocking) There is an issue with the font metadata, which you'll see if
you pull it into fontmatrix. The font subfamily is explicitly empty when it
should say "Regular", so fontmatrix displays the full font name as "Perizia ?".
However, the font still works in OpenOffice.org as-is. I'll prep a patch for
the SFD if you wish.

9. (non-blocking) fontlint warns about self-intersecting glyphs and missing
extrema, which is quite common. These should be fed back upstream.

That's everything I can see, and it honestly isn't as much as it appears!

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