[Bug 694724] [kn_IN] 0CB0 + 200D + 0CCD + 0C95+ 0CBE consonant is wrongly rendering

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--- Comment #2 from Aravinda <hallimanearavind at gmail.com> 2011-11-02 16:10:05 EDT ---
Hi Pravin,

Got some more clue but still confused about ZWJ and ZWNJ issue.

Kedage font has no issues when tested with ICU rendering engine(XeLaTeX and

1. Copy ರ‍್ಯಾಂಕ್ to OpenOffice/LibreOffice
2. Select text and change font to Kedage and check.
3. Select text and change font to Lohit Kannada and check.

Examined Kedage fonts and Lohit Kannada fonts to see the difference between two
fonts about ZWJ implementation. Kedage font didn't have glyph for ZWJ(empty

So for testing I cleared the ZWJ glyph(Right click and clear) and then
generated the font with different name. Now Lohit Kannada also works fine with
ICU rendering engine.

But all Kannada fonts fail to render properly in Pango and QT. (As of now works
in ICU)
Haven't tested in Harfbuzz because of some Harfbuzz compilation issue in my

Please suggest how we can proceed to fix this issue. 

Aravinda | ಅರವಿಂದ

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