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--- Comment #20 from Kamil Páral <kparal at redhat.com> ---
Akira, what is the status of this? Is it enabled by default in Fedora 18?

I have just upgraded from Fedora 17 to Fedora 18 Beta and I noticed _awful_
rendering of some fonts in Firefox. It happens just for some pages. Wikipedia
is OK. But Google+/Google Reader etc look terrible. I have found out they ask
for Arial, which is translated to Liberation Sans.

I have seen the feature page:
It doesn't say how to find out whether autohinting is on or off and how to
change it.

In my /etc/fonts/conf.d/ there is no symlink for 10-autohint.conf, which
indicates it could be off. But then I saw the pictures you rendered and that's
exactly the problem I see. Look at this:
Everything is sharp and readable here. Then look at this:
This is blurry and unreadable. Compare word "jumps" in sizes 15-17, it's blurry
as hell with autohint. Reading web pages with this font puts a lot of strain on
my eyes.

How can I turn it off and verify whether this is the source of the problems or
something else?

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