[Bug 856239] fuzzy font rendering (Liberation 2 regression)

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Mon Dec 3 11:15:34 UTC 2012

Product: Fedora

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This shows rendering for Liberation Sans 1.07


always and compares the results for


As you can see in the screenshots, hintfull uses the byte code
interpreter for sharp rendering.

The results for hintmedium, hintslight, and hintnone are all
identical, all fuzzy. Using anything else but "hintfull" seems to
disable hinting completely when autohint=false.  The byte code hinting
does not have different hintstyles, it is either on or off.

So only hintfull really makes sense together with autohint=false.

With autohint=true, the hintstyle option has an influence, i.e.
the hintstyle option makes sense only when using the autohinter.

But of course with the autohinter, one can never get the extremely
sharp rendering one can get with liberation sans 1.07 and the byte
code interpreter.

Comment#111, Ilya> You should set hintfull to get normal result with

Yes, if you want to use the very good byte code in liberation 1.07,
you should set hintstyle=hintfull.

Comment#112, Ilya> Without hinbtfull and with subpixel you'll get rainbow.

My screenshots above use subpixel rendering.

So the leftmost screenshot, which uses hintstyle=hintfull, autohint=false,
shows some colour fringes. But only a little bit, it is much sharper
then the other 3 screenshots for hintstyle={hintmedium,hintslight,hintnone}.

I prefer


for liberation sans 1.07, i.e. without even the slight color fringes.

So I seem to prefer the same rendering Ilya prefers.

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