[Bug 856239] fuzzy font rendering (Liberation 2 regression)

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Mon Dec 3 16:48:46 UTC 2012

Product: Fedora

--- Comment #125 from Kamil Páral <kparal at redhat.com> ---
Hello guys. You are all super-smart and I know zero about fonts, so I can't
really join the conversation. But I was plagued by the horrible fonts since I
upgraded to Fedora 18 Beta and found this bugzilla yesterday after quite some

See screenshots below, this is how it looks for me. Everything is taken with
Hinting:Full and Antialiasing:Rgba set it gnome-tweak-tool, because those
settings give the best output to me. The web page is twice enlarged with
Ctrl++, because that's the way I usually read it.

Fedora 17 default:
Perfect fonts, very clear, crisp and readable.

Fedora 18 default:
Very blurry fonts, hardly readable for a longer period. My eyes bleed. After
seeing this I wanted to switch the OS, but I decided to search for the source
of the problem instead and arrived here.

Fedora 18 with freetype-freeworld:
A bit better than the default, but I still see rainbows in the text, which
makes me subconsciously annoyed.

I very much prefer Fedora 17 way of rendering. If there is any way of switching
to it, I'll do it, no matter the effort. But I hope it won't be needed and
blurry fonts won't be the default. I don't really care that the fonts scale
better (there is no big jump between 13pt and 14pt) or whatnot, because that's
not important to me. The purpose of the font is to be nicely readable. That's
all I want and expect. Fedora 17 is much better in this regard.

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