[Bug 856239] fuzzy font rendering (Liberation 2 regression)

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Mon Dec 3 17:11:34 UTC 2012

Product: Fedora

--- Comment #127 from Ilya <neptunia at mail.ru> ---

> I very much prefer Fedora 17 way of rendering. If there is any way of
> switching to it, I'll do it, no matter the effort. But I hope it won't be
> needed and blurry fonts won't be the default. I don't really care that the
> fonts scale better (there is no big jump between 13pt and 14pt) or whatnot,
> because that's not important to me. The purpose of the font is to be nicely
> readable. That's all I want and expect. Fedora 17 is much better in this
> regard.

Install package with Liberation fonts from Fedora-17.

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