[Bug 856239] fuzzy font rendering (Liberation 2 regression)

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Mon Dec 3 19:02:24 UTC 2012

Product: Fedora

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comment#125 Kamil> I very much prefer Fedora 17 way of rendering. If
comment#125 Kamil> there is any way of switching to it, I'll do it, no
comment#125 Kamil> matter the effort. But I hope it won't be needed
comment#125 Kamil> and blurry fonts won't be the default. I don't
comment#125 Kamil> really care that the fonts scale better (there is
comment#125 Kamil> no big jump between 13pt and 14pt) or whatnot,
comment#125 Kamil> because that's not important to me. The purpose of
comment#125 Kamil> the font is to be nicely readable. That's all I
comment#125 Kamil> want and expect. Fedora 17 is much better in this
comment#125 Kamil> regard.

comment#127 Ilya> Install package with Liberation fonts from Fedora-17.

This screenshot shows a comparison how fedora 18 firefox
font rendering changes when installing the liberation fonts 1.07.

Left side: Fedora 18 default, Liberation fonts 2.00, similar to
Kevins screenshot.

Right side: Liberation fonts 2.00 removed and Liberation fonts 1.07
installed instead, no other changes.

The right side shows the very sharp byte code rendering which
cannot be achieved with Liberation fonts 2.00, no matter what settings
are used.

Kevin and Ilya prefer this very much. I prefer it as well.

But it seems to be a matter of taste. And the trend seems to go
to fuzzier rendering, many new fonts do not have such high-quality
byte code anymore.

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