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Additional glyphs for Vedic Extensions

Hello Pravin (and others).

So I suddenly wanted to finish this off and sat down and hacked for a few hours
and this is the result. The attached TTF contains the requisite glyphs. 

I will not say that the glyphs are of super-duper quality (I am a Sanskrit
scholar, not a professional typographer) but I hope they are acceptable.
Especially one fault with some of the glyphs i.e. the ones I had to design
using Inkscape and convert, viz 1CD7, 1CE0, 1CE1, 1CE3-1CEC and 1CEE-1CF1, have
too many nodes, so if you look at them in the "Show nodes" mode of your font
editor they will look horrible (i.e. the cluster of nodes). However, the actual
rendering is fine, since the additional nodes are merely the result of stroking
in Inkscape and then converting the 3rd order curves to 2nd order in Font

My additional glyphs are of course my contribution to the Lohit project under
the OFL. I have attached the Inkscape SVG and the PDF with stroked glyphs also,
under CC-BY-SA FWIW with the provision that resultant font glyphs shall be
under the OFL.

I should note that the glyphs by themselves will not be sufficient to get
proper rendering, and certainly some intricate smart-font programming and
positioning will be necessary to get the actual result, but that is true of the
other Vedic characters (i.e. mostly from Devanagari Extended block) already in
the Lohit Devanagari font so I left it at that. 

Especially note that the non-spacing marks have zero advance width and are
themselves horizontally centered at y-axis, and they will certainly have to be
repositioned correctly above/below the orthographic syllable to get the correct
effect. When I get time, I will sit and do Graphite programming for this, but
not now as I have to get other things done.

I hope this contribution is acceptable. Thank you.

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