[Bug 799565] Lohit Malayalam font does not have support for 0D4E MALAYALAM LETTER DOT REPH

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Desired rendering of dot reph and comparison of Bengali syllable structure

@Pravin/Behdad: I'm not much knowledgeable about but isn't the feature tag for
reph characters spelt as "reph" or "rphf" or something?

@Behdad: Basically if you treat this 0D4E character equivalent to the
cluster-initial RA + VIRAMA sequences of other Indic scripts, especially
Bengali, I think it would be sufficient. Why Bengali? Because it also has two
part vowel signs ো ৌ like Malayalam ൊ ോ ൌ and the reph also. But Bengali
doesn't seem to have post-base VA unlike Malayalam so you may have to look out
for that.

FWIW I have attached a document (ODT and PDF) showing the desired rendering of
the reph (using the e-Malayalam OTC font from the "Indolipi" package [link
above] which hack-renders the Malayalam RA + Virama combination as the reph)
and the equivalent Bengali sequences in two standard Bengali fonts.

You might also like to see
§3 (on p 4) for more details on the Malayalam dot reph.

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