[Bug 841947] New: [te_IN] Add support for Telugu nakaarapollu and repha to Lohit Telugu font

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           Summary: [te_IN] Add support for Telugu nakaarapollu and repha
                    to Lohit Telugu font
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         Component: lohit-telugu-fonts
           Product: Fedora

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Glyphs for Telugu nakaarapollu and repha

Telugu script has special form of vowelless NA called four-pronged
nakaarapollu. Strictly speaking nakaarapollu means nakaara + pollu=virama so
regular form of vowelless-NA న్ is also nakaarapollu but Telugu old grammarian
Brown has specifically called a distinct form as nakaarapollu.

The recommended model for getting Telugu nakaarapollu is NA + ZWJ + VIRAMA.

Please find more details in the document:


Likewise Telugu script has old repha form which is not found in common usage in
current Telugu script. A modern-style Telugu font can allow user to select
old-style reph by using the sequence RA + VIRAMA + ZWJ + CONSONANT because the
plain RA + VIRAMA + CONSONANT would be presented as RA with sub-base form of

Please find more details in the document:


These two documents have been approved by the UTC in the Feb 2012 meeting:


[130-A15] Action Item for Deborah Anderson, Editorial Committee: Update the
core specification text on Telugu nakaara-pollu based on input in document

[130-A16] Action Item for Deborah Anderson: Incorporate text on Telugu Reph
from L2/12-017 into the Telugu block description.

It is requested to:

1) add the glyphs for nakaarapollu and repha to the Lohit Telugu font:

2) add substitution mapping of NA + ZWJ + VIRAMA to the nakaarapollu glyph

3) add requisite OT markups for repha glyph so that a compliant OT system can
recognize the repha glyph and render sequence of RA + VIRAMA + ZWJ + CONS using
that glyph.

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