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           Summary: [ta_IN] Please add glyphs for minority orthographies
                    in Tamil
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Glyphs required for minority orthographies in Tamil

While the Tamil script is mainly used for writing Tamil language text, it is
also attested to be used for other language text such as Sanskrit, Saurashtra,
Hindi, Marathi, Telugu and Kannada in the form of transliteration. 

For these minority orthography usecases, some characters from script-neutral
blocks are required:

1) The superscript digits ¹²³⁴ would be used for representing the varga
consonants (actually ¹ is only used very rarely). The Unicode chapter on Tamil
script documents this and recommends the characters (0xb9) 0xb2 0xb3 0x2074.

2) Not only the superscript digits but their corresponding subscript digits
₁₂₃₄ (0x2081-0x2084) are also attested as a stylistic variant choice. 

3) The modifier letter apostrophe 02BC ʼ is also seen.

4) Further, sometimes the candrabindu is also seen for nasality. Since there is
no Tamil candrabindu character, the generic candrabindu ◌̐  at 0310 can be

5) The visarga is commonly seen but the Tamil visarga code point 0B83 is mapped
to the Tamil special letter aytam ஃ (which has three dots against the visarga's
two dots), so we will have to place the two-dot visarga in the PUA. (Not ideal
I know, but it is unlikely to encode a Tamil-specific two-dot visarga. It is
not possible to use the Devanagari visarga codepoint 0903 since rendering
engines will produce dotted circles as it is not correct to combine Devanagari
codepoints with Tamil codepoints.)

Attestations for these usages and required glyphs are attached. Please add them
with the appropriate script-neutral codepoints shown in the patch TTF so Lohit
Tamil (and Lohit Tamil Classical) is also useful for these minority
orthographies. BTW it would be good font design policy to make the modifier
apostrophe a composite glyph of the regular apostrophe and subscript digits as
composites of superscript digits.

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