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--- Comment #6 from Akira TAGOH <tagoh at redhat.com> ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> Why exactly do you want TTF on Windows?
> My impression was that OTF would support more features, such as smallcaps,
> alternates or ligatures (as seen here:
> http://www.linuxlibertine.org/index.php?id=87&L=1 ).
> So I don't see a reason to prefer the TTF variant over the OTF variant.

just followed up on upstream's description to update the package:
“TTF” in file name
contains the fonts in MS TrueType-format. Best choice for use on screen.
“OTF” in file name
contains the fonts in Adobe OTF(CFF)-format. Best choice for printing. Perhaps
best and smallest font format at all.

We could have both version of fonts in the package though, using different
family name between displaying and printing sounds not a good idea. this would
means people can't seamlessly print something out like what they see on their
monitor. also we have a fallback rule for Linux Libertine O. even if you have
any documents that created on the system that Linux Libertine O has, it should
be displayed with Linux Libertine on Fedora.

Actually what you are proposing isn't so different at that point. just assuming
one uses OTF version. so what if assuming one uses TTF version then?

Well, if we prefer OTF version, I could update with it but it looks like TTF
version has been downloaded more than OTF version. so I assume "Linux
Libertine" one is a bit major name around this font maybe.

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