[Bug 799565] Lohit Malayalam font does not have support for 0D4E MALAYALAM LETTER DOT REPH

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Tue Mar 6 06:06:54 UTC 2012

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--- Comment #7 from Shriramana Sharma <samjnaa at gmail.com> 2012-03-06 01:06:54 EST ---
Yes as I told you that is why the character in the Unicode chart has a dotted
box around it to indicate that it is a special rendering character. 

I quote from: http://www.unicode.org/versions/Unicode6.0.0/ch09.pdf p 310:

Dot Reph. U+0D4E MALAYALAM LETTER DOT REPH is used to represent the dead
consonant form of U+0D30 MALAYALAM LETTER RA, when **it is displayed as a dot
over the consonant following it**. Conceptually, the dot reph is analogous to
the sequence <RA, VIRAMA>, but when followed by another consonant, the
Malayalam cluster <RA, VIRAMA, C2> normally assumes the C2 conjoining form.
**U+0D4E MALAYALAM LETTER DOT REPH occurs first, in logical order, even though
it displays as a dot above the succeeding consonant**. It has the character
properties of a letter, and is not considered a combining mark.

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