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--- Comment #96 from Alessandro Ceschini <alessandroceschini.it at gmail.com> 2012-03-07 11:35:47 EST ---
Hi Pravin, sorry I've been too busy of late, but now I'm back.

I'm happy you managed to solve the kerning problem, unfortunately, I did some
tests with the new release and I found out these remarks of mine still apply:

1) shape of Italic TE, which Zoran pointed out many times, the line above
should cover the whole letter, just as in DejaVu (take a look at the pdf)
2) shape of Regular/Italic BE is identical to Greek DELTA, which is bad, it
should be more like what it is in DejaVu (again, take a look at the pdf)
3) optional shape (tags hist & alt in Serbian locl GSUB) for Italic U+0448
CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER SHA, glyph shape like Italic TE, but line BENEATH,
instead of above. See attachment 529868 [details] I inserted yesterday: The
last letter
is SHA.


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