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--- Comment #1 from Xose Vazquez Perez <xose.vazquez at gmail.com> 2012-03-15 10:04:32 EDT ---

2.4.9 is mainly a security release, fixing many potential vulnerabilities. All
users should upgrade.

CHANGES BETWEEN 2.4.8 and 2.4.9


    - Another round of fixes to better handle invalid fonts.   Many of
      them are vulnerabilities  (see CVE-2012-1126 up to CVE-2012-1144
      and SA48320) so all users should upgrade.


    - The `ENCODING -1 <n>' format of BDF fonts is now supported.

    - For BDF fonts,  support for the whole Unicode encoding range has
      been added.

    - Better TTF support for x_ppem != y_ppem.

    - `FT_Get_Advances' sometimes returned bogus values.

    - The  demo  programs  no  longer  recognize  and  handle  default
      suffixes; you now have to always specify the complete font name.

    - Better rendering and LCD mode cycling added to ftview.

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