[Bug 795327] Request to add Lohit Tamil Classical with old Tamil ligatures of -aa and -ai

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Created attachment 581304
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Font with corrections for glyph shape and LSB/RSB applied

Hello Pravin and thanks for the work.

The rendering logic is now working correctly, and all the following relevant
sequences (for classical orthography) are appropriately displayed:

ணா னா றா
ணொ னொ றொ 
ணோ னோ றோ
ணை னை லை ளை

However apparently you had used the old glyphs (which I first provided) for the
elephant's trunk form of ை. I had corrected those glyphs (in my second
attachment) as they were not looking good. Now I have replaced the appropriate
glyphs in the finalized TTF with the new shapes.

Also, there was a problem with the LSB/RSB of the relevant glyphs for classical
orthography by which there was too much inter-glyph space in flowing text. I
have corrected that also.

Please find both above corrections in the attached TTF.

I still find some aesthetic issues with the LSB/RSB of many other glyphs. For
example, துணி has too much inter-glyph space. Compare with தணி or பணி. But I
guess we'll work on that at a later date and under a different bug as the
present issue is hereby resolved.

Just one last question: I had thought it would be possible (by looking at the
e-Tamil OTC font from http://www.aai.uni-hamburg.de/indtib/INDOLIPI/Tamil.zip)
that it would be possible to simply substitute the ை glyph by the elephant's
trunk glyph when it combines with ண ன ல ள. Here however you have apparently
written rules to simply replace ணை னை லை ளை by the appropriate ligated glyphs.
Would it be too much trouble for you to effect it in the ideal way? That way,
if any corrections to ண ன ல ள are applied they would be automatically affected
in the case of ணை னை லை ளை also.

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