[Bug 825104] New: Glyphs of NGA and NYA with vowel signs in Lohit Kannada font are improperly formed

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Fri May 25 06:51:16 UTC 2012


            Bug ID: 825104
        QA Contact: extras-qa at fedoraproject.org
          Severity: unspecified
           Version: 16
          Priority: unspecified
                CC: fonts-bugs at lists.fedoraproject.org,
                    i18n-bugs at lists.fedoraproject.org, psatpute at redhat.com
          Assignee: psatpute at redhat.com
           Summary: Glyphs of NGA and NYA with vowel signs in Lohit
                    Kannada font are improperly formed
        Regression: ---
      Story Points: ---
    Classification: Fedora
                OS: Unspecified
          Reporter: samjnaa at gmail.com
              Type: Bug
     Documentation: ---
          Hardware: Unspecified
        Mount Type: ---
            Status: NEW
         Component: lohit-kannada-fonts
           Product: Fedora

Description of problem:

ಙಾ ಙೆ ಙೇ ಙೈ ಙೊ ಙೋ ಙೌ ಙ್
ಞಾ ಞೆ ಞೇ ಞೈ ಞೊ ಞೋ ಞೌ ಞ್

The glyphs in Lohit Kannada font representing the above sequences are
improperly formed. The glyphs of -AA (NGAA and NYAA) are disjointed, and all
others are awkwardly joined. In the glyphs of -O and -OO one part of the vowel
sign (to the right) is disjointed and another part (to the top) is awkwardly
joined. By "awkwardly joined" I mean that the cursive joining is not smooth and
in fact there are un-smoothly overlapping contours within the glyph. This
should be fixed to improve the quality of the fonts.

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):


How reproducible:

Input the above text in a wordprocessor using Lohit Kannada font.

Actual results:

The glyphs are disjointed or awkwardly joined.

Expected results:

The glyphs should all be smoothly joined.

Additional info:

The corresponding glyphs for all other consonants seem (so far) to be looking
OK. It is only NGA and NYA which are neglected. Perhaps it is thought that they
will not be used with vowel signs. While such words in Kannada language are
rare, Sanskrit language and Tulu language texts are also widely written in
Kannada script and those languages contains words (such as ಮಾ ತೇ
ಸಙ್ಗೋಽಸ್ತ್ವಕರ್ಮಣಿ Gita 2-47) where NGA and NYA are widely used and would be
needed to joined to vowel signs. So the glyphs should be given appropriate

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